smoking & nicotine

Nicotine present in smoke can constrict the blood supply to various organs. As per a study published in the journal Tobacco Control in men aged 16-59 the risk of erectile dysfunction is almost double in smokers than in non smokers. Apart from smoking, obesity, heavy alcohol consumption and misuse of Viagra like drugs can also disturb men’s sexual health.
Apart, uncontrolled diabetes, blood pressure, which is common in winter season also add to the same.
Depression is also common in winter adding to the agony. For those who want to quit smoking winter is the best time to do so.

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  • Smoking is an addcition only he can beat and only if he wants to. You can not fix an addcit or any other personality disorder only the addcit can. Giving him nicotine gum without his knowledge is a very bad idea, there are extreme health risks there. An unknown heart disease that can even be prevalent in young people. Nicotine poisoning (over dose of nicotine can kill.) Nagging, threatening or money doesn’t change the habit either. I don’t like the word habit though a habit is involved as well as the addcition. This tends to soften the reality that it is an addcition. One of the hardest to kick by the way. And you are not going to kick it unless you really want to. Like any other habit it might take several attempts to quit.If you want to help prayer is a power full tool, even scientist recognize this, but don’t pray that he gets sick when he smokes that is not a prayer but a curse. How would you like to get sick every time you did something you couldn’t help. Besides it might make him miss school or work. Better to pray that he looses the desire and takes an interest in what it is doing to his health. Add that the cravings, habits involved will go away and it will look unattractive to him. A couple of times when I tried to quit I found my self reaching for my top pocket or bringing my hands to my mouth. Some people start chewing or sucking on pens and pencil. I finally quit with prayer and have no cravings or after habits. Unfortunately I waited to long and there is some breathing problems. Shortness of breath. You see I started at 13 and didn’t quit till I was 50 something. When he is ready there are on line help tips. If you poo poo prayer keep in mind that a lot of addcition programs, such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous recognize a higher power and spirituality is one of the cycles involved in the cure. Go to a church and get some people to pray with you. the bible refers to one or more gathered in His name. I like Pentecostal or spirit filled churches because there faith in healing by prayer is strong. You perhaps noticed in the news that faith healing that were going on in Lakewood.Hope this helps.

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