I personally feel that doctors live less number of years than non-doctors. One reason is professional hazards. The factors responsible are:
The stress level of doctor is much higher than the stress levels in non-doctors in other professions.
Stress level has increased in NCR since the introduction of the Consumer Protection Act.
The decision of Medical Council of India to suspend license on deficiency of service has also increased the stress in doctors. They always pray that if the patient has a complaint, he approaches the Consumer Court and not the Council.
Smoking and alcohol is not unknown in doctors.
Metabolic syndrome and pot belly obesity is again very common in doctors.
Diabetes and heart disease are also equally common.
Surprisingly, the incidence of coronary artery disease, angioplasty, stenting and bypass surgery in Cardiologists too is not less.
Doctors are more susceptible to hospital-acquired infection, tuberculosis, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, HIV as professional hazards.

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