Health Camp at Ghumarwin-Kothi, Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh

Awakening India in collaboration with ASHA KIRAN NGO, Kothi has organised a Free ENT Health Checkup Camp at Ghumarwin, Kothi. We are sharing some of the photographs of the event:


At the closing ceremony of the event, Dr. shri B.P.Tyagi was presented with a Shawl for honouring his contribution to the event:


Below is Dr. Sh. B. P Tyagi diagnosing and prescribing medicine to a patient:


Below is the picture of the Audiometry Test Preparation Of A Child at the Health Camp, Ghumarwin Kothi,


Below is the picture of the Sample Being Collected Of a Patient:


See the Kids below having a good time with the Cordial Staff:


The formal process of Patients Registration in the below picture:


The most heart touching photographs, depicting a moment with the Kids to Cherish Forever, it also proves that Dr. Tyagi and his organisation has always been instrumental in taking the health services one step closer to the reach of the people:

one more below:


One Response to “Health Camp at Ghumarwin-Kothi, Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh

  • Himanshu Varma
    1 year ago

    Great effort Dr. Brajpal Singh Tyagi as I had not yet seen any Doctor who is really doing these type of real Social Work taking time from his such a busy Schedule.
    Blessings will definitely comes from the persons who are getting Health Benefits.
    Keep it up Docsab we all are with you.

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