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Several recent studies have suggested that organic food contains higher amounts of essential nutrients and minerals, including #vitamin C, iron, and zinc. Unlike processed foods which are artificially preserved for longer shelf life, organic foods must always be served fresh, making the most of their nutritional values. Conventional farming methods expose produce to harmful chemicals in the form of pesticides like DDT, fertilisers like UREA, and preservatives. While these greatly improve productivity, they can be very harmful to human beings, and in large amounts even cause irreversible damage. Organic food on the other hand, is produced through traditional farming methods, without the use of any artificial compounds or preservatives, making it far safer for human consumptionTo maximise productivity, and by extension profits, most modern farms inject their livestock with hormones like oxytocin and antibiotics which enter the human body when products like meat, milk, and eggs, are consumed. These chemicals, which are proven to cause hormonal imbalances and drug resistant bacteria(superbug) in human beings, are a matter of great concern for many in the healthcare sector. Organic farming methods do not make use of artificial hormones and antibiotics, greatly reducing the risk of any complications in this regard.

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