Can yoga prevent my infection of corona virus??? 3 yogic creations for all those who get out of the house. Put the-towel over head with 1-bit and betadine water and steam it in the steamer/utensil with warm water, opening the nose and mouth. This action will break the corona virus. 2-In 200ml clean boiled water +4 grams of eating soda or non-iodised salt in a Jala-Neti vessel or bottle. This action will bring out the dead virus from the back of the nouse (nasopharyngeal surface). 3-Perform Bhustrika Pranayama so that the remaining water is removed from the nose and sinuses. Keep in mind that in front of the nose keep the mask/skimmer/or tissue paper so that the virus gets into it and we should carefully clean or throw it away. These 3 yogic activities will not only prevent us from having an infection of the corona, but will also protect us from having pneumonia. The most common symptoms of COVID: Non pulmonary (symptoms outsides the lungs) Fever Dry cough Fatigue
Running nose

Body aches and pains
Sore throat
A sore throat
felling like diarrhea/abdominalpain/vomiting.
Left eye formation
Headache that has never happened before
Loss of smell/change (parasomia).
Go sour
A rash on the skin, or a blister on the fingers or toes (such as when a spider is bitten).
If one of these symptoms is found by more than one person in the family, then Covid 19 can usually be treated at home.
Severe symptoms:
Pulmonary (pulmonary symptoms)

Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath on the 375th day with symptoms of upper extremity
Chest pain or pressure / felling of weakness in any part of the body/ someone in the family with an additional symptom suddenly dying on 375 days.
Take medicines (eg disprin ).
If on the third day of the first symptom , running for 8 minutes,oxygen is falling by 4% and the heartbeat is fast, take oxygen immediately and get admitted in the hospital.

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