How to avoid ventilator after corona infection???
if the corona positive patient do jala-neti then he would escape from the ventilator, this information was given by Doctor KK Aggarawal and Prof.Doctor BP Tyagi.
He spoke to 100 Corona Positive patients and studies their results.
In 100 corona patients,70 patients got fever, sore throat, upset stomach and taste change.
It was quickly found that these patients were in the non-pulmonary category and 30% of the patients feared a pulmonary infection.
If told about it, they too got cured with jala-neti.
How does jala-neti work ?
As is known that the infection of the corona remains in the nose and nasopharynx and from there it reaches the ear with the help of eustachian tube.
This virus in the ear causes inflammation of corda tympani nerve and changes the taste (all except sour).
The sour taste does not end because it is supplied by the glossopharyngeal nerve.
The patient gets benefits from the excess of viral load sinus and ear and not develop pneumonia.
Smell and taste come in the minor category.
By jala-neti we can covert major infection to minor infection by reducing the viral load of them of from nasopharynx.

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