wonder drug

  • Regular use of aspirin over years may be associated with an overall reduction in the risk for cancer-related mortality;
  • Aspirin appears most effective in reducing the risk for mortality due to adenocarcinomia specifically, and in reducing the risk for death due to tumors of the gastrointestinal system;
  • Men outnumber women in studies that support the use of aspirin to prevent cancer-related mortality;
  • The potential benefit of aspirin for the prevention of cancer needs to be balanced with its known effects in promoting major bleeding complications; and
  • There is insufficient evidence to recommend universal treatment with aspirin to prevent any type of cancer at this time.

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  • drbrajpaltyagi
    8 years ago


    • There is not pat answer. The atcaul cell that became cancerous plays a role as well as the type of defects in the cell that cause the cancer.The type of defects affect things like how fast the cell divides, and the cell type may indicate how well chemotherapy will work. Cells that are hard to kill, like lung cells, make for bad cancers. Was this answer helpful?

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