Rules for Preventing Heart Attack Deaths

Rule of 30: Chest pain, burning, discomfort, heaviness in the center of the chest lasting for over 30 seconds and not localized to a point unless proved otherwise is a heart pain.
Rule of pinpointing finger: Any chest pain, which can be pinpointed by a finger is not a heart pain.
Rule of 40: First–onset acidity or first–onset asthma after the age of 40, rule out heart attack or heart asthma first
Rule of 300: Chew a tablet of water–soluble 300 mg aspirin and take 300 mg clopidogrel tablet at the onset of cardiac chest pain. You will not die.
Rule of 10: Within 10 minute of death for the next 10 minutes do effective chest compression with a speed of (10 ×10) 100 per minute. Most people can be saved.
Rule of 180: Reach hospital within 180 minutes in heart attack to receive clot dissolving angioplasty or clot dissolving drugs.

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