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Parthenogenesis is endothermic dysfunction.
Plasma leakage is the cause of severe dengue.
Pregnancy is an indication for admission.
Paani (water) resuscitation is the treatment.
Pulse, if rises by 20 is a bad sign.
Pressure: if systolic blood pressure falls by 20, this is a red flag.
Pulse pressure less than 20 is a red flag.
Paracetamol is the drug of choice for fever.
Patti: if fever does not respond to paracetamol do tap water patti.
PCV, if rises by 20% is a red flag.
Platelets count is not reliable and no transfusion if no active bleeding.
Piss: Make sure that the patient pisses (urinates) every 3 hours.
Papaya leaves have no scientific role.
Peeli haldi (yellow turmeric) can reduce plasma leakage.
Pancreatitis can occur in dengue.
Peelia (jaundice) can occur due to dengue but invariably is mild. SGOT will be higher than SGPT.
Pot, if filled with fresh stagnant water can grow dengue.
Potty: Dengue can present with loose motions.
Pasina: Dengue fever may be high with sweating.
Pedatric age: Dengue is more serious in children.
Pain in the head: There can be severe pain in the head (retro orbital area) in dengue.
Pantoprazole with domperidone may be required to stop vomiting.
Palang: Extreme weakness in dengue may require rest.
Paisa: Do not waste paisa (money) on unnecessary treatment.
Positive: Always think positive and do not be afraid of mortality.
Panic: Do not panic; dengue is not all that dangerous.
Pareshani: do not trouble hospitals for unnecessary admissions.
People: Multiple people may get dengue in one family.
Protect people from dengue by taking precautions.
Precautions: Take anti mosquito precautions.
Prognosis is bad in second dengue.
Post febrile period is the dangerous period.
Prayers may have a role in terminal cases of dengue.
Pradesh: Keep your pradesh free of dengue mosquitoes.
Patience: Be patient in dengue.
Picture: A picture of how a dengue patient looks should be in every house.
Population: Dengue affects 10% of the population in any epidemic.
Pagalpan: Dengue can cause encephalitis.
Pleural effusion: Dengue can cause pleural effusion.
Pericardial effusion; Dengue can cause pericardial effusion.
Patila: Do not keep empty patila (vessels) on the roof of your house.
Purify atmosphere with yagna smoke to kill mosquitoes.
Prem: Dengue is not a sexually-transmitted illness.
Past dengue illness history should be taken.
Plot: Workers working in construction sites are at risk.
Pehnava: Wearing full-sleeved clothes can prevent dengue.
Pajama: wear full pajama in the day time.
Passengers can carry mosquito to far-off places via car or train.
Posture is normal in dengue unlike in Chikungunya where the person comes with flexed posture
Prepare : the government should be prepared in advance to prevent dengue fever

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