One of the major cause of obesity is imbalance of nutritional energy. It can also be understood in a way like if you open an account in a bank and all the expenses are met from this account and income is also deposited in it. Everyday calculation of this account is done and the profit goes in Fixed Deposit account and loss is removed from Fixed Deposit. If income is more than the amount in Fixed Deposit value increases and if expenses are more than the amount in Fixed Deposit value decreases. It is easier to keep deposited amount in form of gold. In the same way our body behaves with the incoming energy. If energy intake is more then it is accumulated in form of fat in our body.
1kg fat = 3500kcal energy
This means that with 3500kcal intake of energy there is increase in 1kg fat content and with expense of 3500kcal energy there is decrease of 1kg fat from body. It is not incorrect to say that every 10kg increase in weight reduces 3years of life. For healthy life it is necessary to get rid of this.
The only way to reduce weight is to take less energy and remove more
Reasons of increase of energy :- Fried food, non-vegetarian diet with fat content, soft drinks, sweets, chocolates, less physical exercise.
Ways to reduce energy :- 1- More physical exercise.
2- Consuming fruits in diet.
3- Fat free diet.
Problems due to obesity :-Heart problems, high blood pressure, stone formation, impotency, joint problems, swelling in legs, back pain, increase risk of cancer, complexion feelings, diabetes

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