Constant exposure to loud noise can cause frequent sensory neural hearing loss.
A person who is exposed to > 80 dB noise must observe hearing conservation and hearing precaution guidelines.
It is safe to be exposed to a noise of 90 dB for 8 hours.
An exposure of more than 4 hour with 95 dB sound can be hazardous to health.
At 100 dB more than 2 hours of exposure can be harmful.
A loud noise can cause severe to profound sensory neural hearing loss or pains. This exposure involves exposure to noise of more than 150 dB.
Muffs can be used for hearing precaution.
Earplugs are highly recommended any time when a person is exposed to a loud noise.
One should not use TV volume of more than 50%.
One should not use MP3 volume of more than 50% when plugged in the years.
Those who have some hearing problem should always use ear plugs or muffs if they are expecting an atmosphere of loud noise.
The rough way test that the noise is loud is when you find it difficult to talk in a noisy atmosphere.
Acute noise pollution can increase the blood pressure acutely.
Chronic persistent noise pollution can be the cause of high blood pressure.
Noise more than 120 db may cause tinnitus,high blood pressure,vertigo,heart disease.

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