Children should not be compared: it can lead to anger or depression in the child.
Appreciate unconditionally whatever the child has achieved.
Avoid giving false promises such as “if you come first, you will get a bike”. When that happens, “You are not yet 18 – so you can’t get a license. This time, settle for a bicycle and later we’ll get that bike”. Broken promises hurt the child.
Avoid anger chain. For example, the father unleashes his anger on the mother (because she does not answer back), and she takes it out on the child (because of the same reason). And the child takes it out on books or studies or younger sibling or hired help at home!
Do not force your expectations on the child. For example, you should only become a doctor.
Avoid giving the child two conflicting messages like the mother asks the child to study and the father says – “do not force him.”
Make your child exercise daily, learn pranayama and meditation.
Provide your child with a balanced and nutritious diet. Avoid overeating or long hunger periods. Restrict caffeine, give more water.
Ensure adequate sleep with a consistent schedule to improve concentration, memory, and mood, it also reduces irritability

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