1 – When a kid is selected for MBBS he/she is darling of everybody,
but the moment one clears MBBS the whole attitude of society
changes. You are supposed to have the maturity of a man in the forties.
2 – The doctor is supposed to only serve and not to receive. Whatever you charge as professional fees is considered a penal amount by the patients.
3. – In case the person has the slightest acquaintance with the doctor, you are not supposed to charge him/her…….or else you are labeled as “money minded”
4. – The doctor is expected to be available round the clock and treat
the patient despite his/her personal commitments.
5. – Whatever the condition of the patient, however much he disregards your advice, the patient MUST be cured; otherwise you are alleged to be negligent.
6. – Any Tom, Dick, and Harry can threaten, abuse, misbehave or damage property of hospital/clinic with impunity without any fear of law as the patient is always the aggrieved party.
7. -If any Lab investigation is advised and it comes out to be normal, instead of the patient being happy it is alleged that doctor is getting unnecessary investigations done for ulterior motives.
8 -If an investigation is not advised and some mishap occurs the doctor is hauled in the court of law for being negligent. So again it is ” Damned if you do, damned if you don’t”
9. – If any tragedy occurs it is highlighted in media with catchy
captions to ruin the reputation of the doctor without verifying the facts.
10. – All RMPs and unregistered practitioners, NEEM-HAKEEM, lab technicians and even medical shop salesmen are allowed to practice medicine!
The worse part is that the illiterate and even literate people of India treat all of these people like doctors.
11 -Only doctors are forced to work in rural and government hospitals (without any facilities) to get the degree. In no other profession, this is mandatory. No lawyer is ever asked to work in Gram Panchayats, no engineer is asked to work in various rural projects of the government. The government wants that doctors should not work and settle in foreign countries but there is no such demand and no restrictions on IIM/IIT graduates.
12 -As per NCHRC Bill, for a doctor doing any occupation other than
medicine is misconduct. Why single out us? Are we not the free
citizens of India? Even so-called busy politicians are doing practice in court and involved in lot many businesses.
13 -. Clinical Establishment Act gives power to District authorities (without any knowledge of medicine) to impose fines up to Rs 5 lakh and even closure of the clinic. There is no such law for any other profession.
14. – Medical profession is recognized as a business by law, so the doctors are sued in consumer courts. We don’t get space for clinics/hospitals at subsidized rates, rather we are charged more. We give electricity bill, house tax, etc on commercial rates. Yet we are not supposed to be commercial.
15. – We have to deal with many govt agencies, face harassment from them as they consider that doctors are the softest target, e.g. Development authorities, Municipal authorities, Fire department, Labour department, Income tax, Pollution department, to name a few.
16. – We invest the maximum time; 6-years to get the basic qualification, 3- more years for specialization and further 3-yrs for super-specialization On an average a superspecialist invests apron 12-14 yrs for the medical study only. Compared with any profession, this is 3 to 8 years more; also compare the money that we get at that time with other professions.
17 – We work under maximum mental tension as we are accountable, have an emotional attachment with our patients, work for long and even odd hours, working even when we are not well. The threat of violence and litigation looms around us all the time and even harassment by Govt. agencies is routine.

The double standards on the part of Society in general and government, in particular, defy all logic. On the one hand, they charge us everything at a maximum commercial rate, impose a different type of taxes selectively and in return, they want charity from us in the name of the noble profession. Doctors are supposed to treat all the patients without the want of any monetary return, even the consumables (i.e. treating from his own pocket). In return, the government is not providing any kind of subsidy on anything (neither for space, electricity or anything), rather doctors are harassed by many of the govt departments who only work to collect bribes.

This unilateral expectation of society really hurts us. Why are only doctors expected to work selflessly? We don’t deny that there are some black sheep in the medical profession but which profession is without black sheep?. We are also part of a society whose moral values are going down very rapidly.

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