One should take seasonal and locally grown natural food and vegetables grown out of organic farms.
Eat less, dinner lighter than the lunch, eat natural and in moderation- are few of the mantras. Eating food supplements can be harmful.
According to The American Heart Association supplementation with beta carotene and vitamin E, either alone or in combination with each other or other antioxidant vitamins does not prevent heart disease.
High dose vitamin E supplementation (400 IU/day) may be associated with an increase in all-cause mortality.
Supplementation with vitamin C does not prevent a second heart attack.
Beta carotene supplementation may be dangerous and should be discouraged.
Vitamin E supplementation may be of benefit for only secondary prevention of heart patients with chronic renal failure who are undergoing hemodialysis.
The American Heart Association concluded that current data do not justify the use of antioxidant supplements for the prevention or treatment of cardiovascular disease risk.
The above recommendations apply to supplementation only. Diets high in natural antioxidants are associated with lower cardiovascular mortality.

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