When it comes to losing weight cutting down on liquid calories is equally important.
BREAKFAST-As heavy as posible with 50% fibres ,low salt ,nosugar,little fat, liquids as much as you can take from 6am -4pm.
LUNCH–in moderation with out sugar, fat & little salt with all colours of fruit & salad.
With all taste & colours.fruit should b 50% of total intake.
IN between one black coffee & black tea (only two servings)
Two types of dry fruits every day with BF,LUNCH,DINNER.
Weight loss from liquid calories is greater than loss of calorie intake from solid food, as per Dr. Liwei Chen, an assistant professor of epidemiology at the School of Public Health at the LSU Health Science Center in New Orleans, in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.
Body is able to self–regulate its intake of solid food. If you eat too much solid food at lunch, you’ll tend to eat less at dinner. But the same self–regulation is not there for what you drink. The body does not adjust to liquid calories, so over time, you gain more weight.

Cutting back on calories from sugary drinks – by only one serving per day –can account for nearly two–and–a–half pounds of lost weight over 18 months.

Beverages are categorized into 8 categories

Sugar–sweetened beverages (including soft drinks, fruit drinks, fruit punch, or high–calorie beverages sweetened with sugar)
Diet drinks such as diet soda and other diet drinks that are artificially sweetened
Milk (including whole milk, 2 percent milk, 1 percent and skim)
100 percent fruit and vegetable juice
Coffee and tea with sugar
Coffee and tea without sugar
Alcoholic beverages.
Water with no calories.

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